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Friday, 28 October 2011

2008 continued due to popular request

Hi folks,
Thanks for all the comments and asking for more images of our holiday in the USA.

Due to the fact that I had to work half the day and demolish the downstairs loo that scuppered going out so here we go....

Here's a shot of the tower I took the photos from yesterday, as you can see it's quite high and is called the Skylon Tower and is in Canada. You can walk across the bridge into Canada from America as long as you take your Passport.
Another view of the Horse Shoe Falls from the Tower. ( the one yesterday showed both ).
Looking over the Falls at ground level Canadian Side.
In 1969 they dammed the American Falls to clear the debris from the bottom as you can see in the picture. This picture is in the tunnels below the falls which is fantastic in itself.

A bit of light reading on the Falls re dewatering as the yanks call it.

Top of the Skylon Tower at night.
Maid of the Mist, what mist? going out to the falls, this is an experience not to be missed.
This mist!
View from the American side looking towards Canada.
The Canadians light their side of the Falls up. Taken on the bridge on the way back to America.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did taking them.

I wana go back!!.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I love that falls at night Mike

  2. Fabulous Job Mike ! A stunning place to visit.....
    My daughter is getting married in Las Vegas next year, so many shots will be taken there too !
    Great post.....keep it up Mike, love it !!!
    Chris R and OSL

  3. Great post mike ..... Got to say I found the picture of the boat full of people wearing the protective 'Blue Plastic Macs' soooooooo funny! ROFL xx

  4. Eileen, you also get blue sandals to wear on your bear feet as it is very wet!! The Canadian side give you 'Yellow Plastic Macs and Sandals' so you know which country you started out from. It was a wonderful sight and really strange to walk over a bridge passport in hand to another country. They should do that on Rochester Bridge, imagine the turmoil.

  5. Hi Mike, could you tell your dear wife susiequeue
    that I am immensely touched by her comment made on my blog , such a kind lady......Thankyou susie !!
    Chris R