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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A day in with the Plumber making Ginger bread men.

Hi folks,

Well what a week we are all upside down with having the bathroom/ shower room done but by the time  Thursday PM is here it should be done and then I have got to pay him, boo.

Daisy spent yesterday morning making Ginger Bread men, be it Little Chief Men in disguise with Sue in the kitchen, well away from the shower room.

Here is a few I took of the event, be it very floury.

Look into my eyes, "trust in me" as the snake on Jungle Book says

Very difficult a get then out of the cutter. ( anybody want any of my hair it's a lovely colour).

Special picture for Trevor above.

Wait a minute, I have got the hang of it now.

Well how many more pictures you taking?

 I have a helper to show me what to do.

Well done Nanny

Daisy, look at the camera for Trev I cried so she did... hurrah. !!

bye bye, luv Mike XX


  1. Oh I bet she had a lovely time with her Nanny !
    Good luck with the bathroom !!
    Chris R

  2. Well, well after the first one I was going to say she was looking at the camera but you beat me to it.

    Well done Mike.

  3. Hi Chris, well the shower room started with him smashing out two tiles that he was not happy with and removing the toilet that he fitted two days go to get at the tiles.
    Update, new tiles fitted but no toilet till tomorrow. Good job we have two. XX

    Trev, you can see that you are single with no children. If you ask them to do something they do the opposite as any couple will tell you. So you shout " dont look at the camera" and they do. lol

  4. Never mind Mike,you'll be in the lap of luxury soon......fingers crossed !!
    all the best

  5. I am so used to moving the bathroom door to get to the wardrobe, then moving it back to get to the dressing table, I just won't know what to do when the bathroom has a door on hinges!
    P.S. I think he can't spell Chef, that's twice he has typed Little Chief!!

  6. Cor blimey your Plumber is making a right old meal of things..... never mind F1 again at the weekend ....woohoo!!!

    Daisy takes such lovely pictures and the Ginger Bread looks yummy !