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Friday, 21 October 2011

The Warren

Hi folks,

Well the work load has really taken off and I am getting to the stage when I will have to put the brakes on so to speak. I am running a couple of days behind with my blog so please bear with me.

Wednesday pm after dropping Daisy at Nursery we headed off to to the Warren, that's Trev, Sue and myself. It became a bit of a job to find due to the fact that the entrance had been moved to the other side of the slip road onto the M20. Undeterred we found the entrance and parked up, got out the gear and set off. Poor Sue had to return to the car as the ground was fairly uneven so Trev and I set off again.

Down the track we went with Trev taking spooky trees and me just trying to get some nice shots as it was a nice day and the sun was shining through the trees. We met a couple of young lads on bikes and one apologised and said," sorry, did we spoil your shot" and we replied, no and thanked them for there concern. It was very nice to meet up with the younger generation who actually cared about other people, and off on our treck we went even happier.

There wasn't much bird life or fungi but plenty of nice trees about just showing there autumn colours.

We then cane across the pond with some nice reflections which we both liked so here's my shot taken at a different angle. Still no wildlife which was a shame.

Up onto a clearing we went as Trevs blog shows, I then headed for the berries on the tree which were starting to shrivel up as the cold weather approaches.

This is where the fun started, I bent down to get a close up of this Chestnut breaking out of its skin and I looked around and there was lazy Trev using his 300mm lens to take the same shot.

Well bless my cotton socks I know we are both retired but come on Trev.

As we headed back to the car we went under this railway bridge which we never even noticed much on the way out.

Well I had to add a spooky tree, but not so spooky in the bright blue sky.

As we approached the car park I noticed the new pedestrian bridge which crosses the M20 just after J 9 due to be opened shortly, shot from an unusual angle.

Well all in all we had a great time there with lots of banter and laughter arriving back at the car as poor Sue awoke from her afternoon nap.

Back home for some Spanish Chicken, "No Daisy and Holly you cant have any".  lol

nite nite, luv Mike xx


  1. sounds like you two were having fun but what about poor Sue ! Never mind Sue, at least you got a nap.
    Good post Mike
    Chris R

  2. Now come on why bend down when you don't have to!
    That's a nice shot of the bridge.

  3. What super day out Mike.... well it was for you and Trev! Hope you had a good book Sue! Lovely shots Mike .... LOVE the one of Trev ! My fav lol xxxxx

  4. Hi Eileen, hope Kendo is getting better, we have missed you. Want to get Sue a Kindle for this sort of eventuality but she likes the feel of books.
    Getting too busy work wise, I know it sounds strange but I need to sloooow down just a bit.
    Thanks for your lovely comments. XXX