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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dockyard revisited again

Hi folks,

Tuesday we went to the Dockyard Outlet and the Dockyard with little legs and had a lovely time with her. It was very windy but a bright day to go out.

First off was lunch after a quick look around the Range. Into Boomers we went and Daisy had her usual healthy meal, ham roll and an apple drink. She wanted to wear her crown that her mummy made the other week. She was really good in there and well behaved.

Next was a ride on her favourite machine, the Bob the Builder JCB . Every time she gets on it she gives him a kiss before the ride, magic.

Then it was time to brave the elements so outside we went along the Jetty and took this of the new apartment block on the riverside.

You can see how windy it was and Daisy snuggled up to nanny to keep warm.

Then it was time to go into the Dockyard and a trip around the Street Art Exhibition from the Victoria and Albert Museum, The lady on the desk as we went in said we would either love or hate it like Marmite. Well I love Marmite but did not go much on the Exhibition, you couldn't take pictures in there either, boo.

Next stop the Gannet which is having a new mast fitted. This is my only bird shot of the blog, sorry.

Trying out blur with my new lens, well you have to sometimes, dont you?

Daisy made a bee line for the play area and as you can see, it's still windy.

In to the pipe bending area which is original but uses foam for pipe bending and wooden pegs.

Next stop was the Church which has a lovely model of the Golden Hind which was made in the workshops in the Dockyard hung from the ceiling.

As it was getting late we headed for the Commissioners Gardens to finish off the day as Daisy who was very good was getting a bit tired at this point.

On the hedge in the garden there was this leaf standing upright as it to say "please take my photograph". with the sun lighting it up,  I had to oblige.

Last two are my favourite flower, the Rose, I was amazed how many there were still in bud and flowering mid October. The garden is kept emaculate and the Rose beds were in a bank sheltered from the elements.

Lastly a single Rose all on it's own waiting for the frost to arrive, a bit sad really.

I could post loads more but I think 12 images is enough.

I hope you enjoyed our trip out around the Dockyard.

nite nite luv Mike XX


  1. Yes, Trev, the single rose I presume you mean, came out really well, we were surprised there were so many still to flower.
    My favourite is Daisy in the Pipe Bending Area and having put them all out she replaced them in the bins before leaving. Somehow I don't see her being a plumber though.

  2. Lovely post Mike, Daisy shots are beautiful !
    I like the leaf shot best, but of course Daisy will always steal the show....bless her !!
    Chris R