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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Down by the Riverside

Hi folks,

Had a bit of a busy week one way or another with a lot of customers leaving  jobs till the last minute.

Bathroom coming along quite well but costing more due to the finishing bits and bobs, towel rails. toilet roll holders etc. Spent part of the day working then across to the Savacentre to bank all my money, I wish. Then I spent it at B&Q where I met Gareth a Kiting friend and his wife, after a chat we settled our bill and decided to go to riverside as it was such a nice day.

What a lovely day it was, deep blue sky and a lovely view across the river. Not many birds (the flying type) about due to the tide but quite a few dogs.

It was about 20 degrees so the dogs were splashing about in the river, cooling off.
The Labrador was really getting into the swing of things and swimming out a long way to get his ball.
Well I'm back in paw land so I will keep hold of this ere ball otherwise they will only throw it back out again.
Now look ere, this is my ball so clear off.
Walked around to the old wreck as I have never seen it close up with the tide in before, I see that silly bird had to stick his nose/beak in to the shot, never mind just call it foreground interest.
On closer inspection I noticed that it must be quite old by the amount of rivets in the hull.
Well we have to add a PS shot to the blog now and again dont we. As it was very clear I thought well, why not.
What is this Daisy?  Is it a Wabbit warren I wondered or maybe erosion?
Looking across the river I spied Kingsnorth PS behind the cranes. Oh no thats two power stations in one blog, I will get into trouble in a minute and be put in the naughty corner.
Well here we are at orrid ill, dam, that's another one. He he

Well as Eileen will tell me off anyway I thought I would end with my special PS taken with the help of a nice young lad who joined in the fun with a bit of trick photography. You have probably seen this before with the leaning tower of Pisa but we both enjoyed messing about and with his mums permission  to post here goes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Well, we both walked back to the car park having a very nice walk along the river.
And with the sun dropping like a stone and the wind and cold setting in we headed home via Trevor's house for a chat and a cup of tea.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Well Mike I like the rusty hull that looks great. Well done with both PS. The boy resting on the tower looks good.

    I see that you have some new friend in the water.

    Good Blog

  2. Ooooo lovely post Mike... very interesting with a bit of everything ...Power Stations as well novel ! lol lol

    Love the doggies and the captions! my fav picture is the boy and the PS chimney .... seen it before, of course but still funny and clever if you get it right .... and you did !
    E xx

  3. Brilliant post Mike ! love the PS shots, the boy one is so clever !!!
    Chris R