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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Quiet day contemplating the winter

Hi folks,

Did not do much photography today as we spent most of the day looking for a sink for the downstairs loo which pleased Daisy immensely. Still we ended up at the tea room in Faversham creek for lunch which was most enjoyable. The weather was a bit overcast so I  left the camera in the bag.

On our day out with Margaret I spotted this at an entrance to a car park and thought it was very funny and apt in this day and age. Well to state the obvious so to speak.

Well sorry that tonight's is short but we have Trev on board tomorrow on the Daisy run. After our Chuck Wagon stop in Ashford we are going to get him a carpet for his new bedroom so dont wait up for a long blog tomorrow but you never know what might happen.

Watch this space

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Hi Mike, never seen one of them yellow thingy's before ? Have a good day tomorrow.....
    Chris R and OSL

  2. Just checked there website and after a bit of delving I found the cost...£160 +vat EACH.... VIKES

  3. Have a good day tomorrow Mike.What does the yellow thingy tell you that freezing fingers and toes do not ! £160! ROFL

  4. I bet if peeps new the cost it would disappear over night. he he

  5. don't pay £160 to see if it icy just look out at the pavement, Did Trev get his carpet.

  6. No Margaret I did not but U have it now.

    I see what you mean Mike £160 ouch