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Monday, 24 October 2011

Gravesend Part 2

Hi folks,

Continuing on yesterdays theme a few more of this towns riverside area.
The river is widely used even on a Sunday with loads of shipping.
Gun emplacements looking across the river by the park.
New training park for warming up for the 2012 Olympics.This area has been set aside for Basket Ball, Rock Climbing and has loads of exercise machines.
Poseidon statue in office complex by river. A modern sculpture in an office complex.
Unique way of advertising even the Gull seems interested.
Never seen so many swans.
More river traffic.
One I missed yesterday in the riverside gardens.
This seed fell on stoney ground.
Lily in a garden.
Sailing barge.
View of the PS on the way home from St Mary the Virgin Church, Chalk.

Hope you enjoyed our trip around the Riverside at Gravesend.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Yeah, thanks Mike. I enjoyed my/your trip around the Riverside very much indeed.... lovely day and some super pictures, even the PS!!!!!!
    Good post.... loads of interesting stuff. I like the Sculpture . Gravesend is a place to visit ! x

  2. Very nice Mike, love the barge

    I can't get my photo off the camera so no blog for a few days

  3. Like the pictures from Gravesend and the Lily.

  4. Yes Mike ,the lily is the one that I like.....but a great post with lots of interesting stuff, cheers !
    chris R and OSL