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Monday, 10 October 2011

Got all these for a £1

Hi folks,

As some of you will know we had Daisy for an extra day as her mum is studying for an exam on Wednesday. GOOD LUCK CLAIRE.
As the plumber was here Sue gave me a £1 for Daisy to go on one of the rides so off we trotted to the Dockside Outlet for lunch and a photo shoot.

Lunch was great, I had a Bushwacker and Daisy and kids meal with a Ham Roll and a drink.

So here we are,

This is the one she opted to spend the £1 on and she got 3 rides and I said " that's your lot" and she was then quite content to sit in the cars and sort of pose for free.

What's up Doc, this was a new ride that she had not seen before.

Now for the classic Bob the Builder shot, I shall present this to her on her 18th birthday.

Ice cream anyone?

We had a great time in the cars and left Trev going into a shop to get yet another Bird book.

On the way home at 1.30pm I we passed the plumber going home but at least the shower is now working so I will not have to drive to Wigmore any more.

I think the plumber is coming tomorrow to finish the room off but who knows,they seem to have a funny way of working still all the time it's not finished I cant have the bill can I?

Nite nite, luv Mike XX

Tune in tomorrow to find out how the plumber got on............


  1. Such lovely shots Mike !They would make a gorgeous scrapbook....bless her !

  2. No book Mike as they did not have a new one.
    She look lovely but looks everywhere but the camera.

  3. Daisy is soooo beautiful and loves the camera .... Cannot wait until we play 'catch-up' wiv the Plumber ! dum de dum dum.... DUM ! Oooooooo lol

  4. I beg to differ Trev, the Ice cream shot, she is looking straight at the camera.

  5. Well at 1.30 they downed tools and went home although we now have a great shower and a toilet.

    Watch this space we might have a wash basin by this time tomorrow. Doh