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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Power Stations Rule

Hi folks,

On sunny Sunday we went to see my cousin in Ramsgate, as the forecast was hot we left early to go down on the Westcliffe to have a look at the sea before the hoards started to arrive. Well we were confronted by yet another Power Station, Richborough.

Like Herne Bay Pier this beast is due to be demolished any time soon, the location is near Sandwich which was across the water from our view point on the cliff and was a bit dull in the early morning mist.

Looking out there was what seemed to be a Yacht race staring out to sea as they were going around the buoy.

After a nice lunch we all went back to the front for another visit as the weather was so nice.

Well the blog would not be complete without a bird section so here is a couple of broody hens doing what they do best.

 The weather was great and I started to look around for more interesting subjects and noticed this on the steps up from the beach.

As Manston is not far from Ramsgate there were often planes coming in to land from the sea.

In the town there was an old Motor museum which is now shut and the only thing that remains is the entrance covered in autumn colours.

Sculpture of " Hands & Molicule" by David Barnes to commemorate the development of medicines in East Kent, erected in 2000  on the Sastrans Cycle Trail  funded by Pfizer at the top of Westcliffe.

Well that's it after a long traumatic day with the plumber stripping out the bathroom, we now have an upstairs toilet and nothing else.

nite nite,luv Mike XX


  1. very nice Mike,Good shot of the PS and another one to add to the DB.

    I like you def of birds as it is better than mine.

  2. Is anyone going to make a guess at what was photographed on the steps up from the beach? There is a clue there!!!!

  3. Nice PS Mike, but I think the yacht race shot is superb ! The birds are a bit scrawny though....dont you think ?
    nite, nite
    Chris R

  4. I could look at that Sculpture picture for hours Mike ... not keen on the Sculpture itself, it does nothing for me. However, you have captured the light just right and with the PS in the frame a truly great picture. Like the yachts as well, I am not sure what the 'mess ' on the steps is ... do I see jelly ??

  5. @ Eileen, its a wet footprint, thanks for the comments all. XX