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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Looking back to 2008

Hi folks,
Well I think I have got on top of the work which has it's ups and downs. Up, means that I get some cash to do up the house and down, it stops me going out. Still you cant have it all ways, I am going to try to sneak out tomorrow with my camera. Dont tell anyone.

Really sad that I have no blog to put up so I thought you might like this one.............

This is when we went to Toronto and up the CNN Tower, we stayed out late this day and had to contend with the American custons to get back to our hotel by Niagara falls.

Taken from the top of the Skyline tower showing both Falls. My do I yearn to go back someday.

Off to bed to dream about our next holiday.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Thanks Trev, really need to get out this afternoon somewhere and get a photo fix. The second was with my 10mm wide angle from the top of a tower in Canada.

  2. Hi Mike, we love these shots, have you got any more to show this post, thanks !
    Chris and OSL

  3. Thanks all, will try to dig some more out

  4. Yes ....more please! Good memories are great for the soul! ...yes, alright, I know they are your memories but we can share can't we? lol

    I am getting ready for the F1 Mike... shame Hamilton has that blooming penalty! I watched the practice (1&2) today.... 3rd in the morning then qualifying! woohoo ... Craft table in front of the telly on Sunday morn for the race so I can craft as I watch!...SORTED!!!

    Please say a huge thank you to Sue for me for the really lovely, kind comments that she leaves abt my work on my blog .... Great support, I really appreciate It xx