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Friday, 14 October 2011

Shower room all finished.

Hi folks,

I have a load of work suddenly turn up so short and sweet today.

The new shower room is finished although I still have to pay him the balance so bang goes any chance of a new lens for the camera. Still never mind I can stand in my new shower and not get hot or cold water all the time as it it constantly lovely and warm, magic!

Although he took a long time his work I think is exceptional and his eye for detail was first class. I hope he can't see this he he.  We are so pleased that he is coming back in a few weeks to do the downstairs loo, even less chance of that new lens!

The nights drawing in and with having to work all day the chances of photography are slim.

Two "bird" pictures taken through the glass of the French doors, we are overloaded with berries this year so I fear we are in for a hard winter.

The first one stopped by for afternoon tea and then a flock came over and stopped by for a nibble within the tree, this lone one found it less hard work just hopping along eating the fallen berries.

There, a bird in the bush so to speak.

Well off to work I go.

bye bye, luv Mike xx


  1. That is great that Blackbird Mike.

    My BB just sits in the tree telling me where to go.

    Nice one, glad the shower room is finished, but I feel you are glutton for punishment having the downstairs one done so soon. Still by the time that is finished it will look nice for the winter.......

  2. Looks a lovely job that shower Mike ! Great bird shots too ! Enjoy your shower !!
    Chris R

  3. Love the shower room Mike .. yes your bloke has made a very good job of it .... Lovely birds as well .... Shame about the new lens you want :(

    Maybe Santa will bring you one !!!