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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Around Nashville

hi folks,

as we upped sticks the other night and left for Memphis I thought I would at a few more as it was such a lovely town.

This nice man told us all the good places to go for the price of a hot Dog.

The tips bucket gave us a laugh.

As for the Hot Dog well ain't that a beauty. 

The old Cotton Eyed Joe and the new AT&T building against a blue skyline.

Wonderful artwork on the walls.

Reflection of the road bridge in the Tennessee river.

This is where it all happened, the game that is.

There was a lovely park an as it was hot it was full of butterflies on the flowers getting the pollen.

Autumn has started to show it's face and the leaves where starting to turn in the park.

One of those wonderful Butterflies sitting on the ground just in front of us.

AT&T building lit up at night.

Right Memphis after this one, thanks for looking.

nite, nite, Luv Mike XXX ( had problems with the internet tonight, hope the blog gets through)


  1. I am so enjoying your journey ... wish I was there :) .... Great posts and lovely shots again Mike ... Loved the tips bucket and even at 6 in the morning ( F1 racing!) I fancy that HOTDOG!!!
    Stay safe
    Eileen xxx

  2. Hi Eileen, we are having GREAT fun.
    Sue has eaten the hot dog "sniff"
    Re the last comment, will do.

  3. Beautiful photography Mike......Love the bridge reflection and
    of course the butterflies !!
    Have decided to finish the 'Tast challenge' and taking a little
    rest from blogging, but shall be watching you still as always !!!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Cheers Chris,

      Glad you are staying with us, you take a rest,we had a great day today.

      Actually found the Mississippi, wow it's large.

      Luv Mike and Sue XX

  4. I like the reflection Mike, you can keep the sausage as I have never like them type.

    The second butterfly is really good

    1. Spell checker throwing a wobberler again it's "that"

      I just clicked the shutter on the second one, easy peasey.

  5. lovely photos.glad you are having an interesting time.