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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Gulfport at the sea at last!!

Hi folks,

about another 250 miles and we reached the coast, did the usual, got the coupon books and found a decent hotel that gave a discount. Works every time, unloaded and headed for the beach and drove along the front for about another 30 miles there and back, westwards towards New Orleans. It was starting to cloud over and get a bit dull although it was 80f so sorry for the "dull" photos, will try better tomorrow, remember the blog is 24 hours behind us.

Loads of boats moored up at the harbour area.

Lovely light house on the shoreline.

It just seemed a very pleasant area, hardly anyone about at around 5-30 pm, perhaps they were all just getting home from work, not like us, on holiday without a care in the world.

The beautiful white sandy beach reminded us of Florida which is where we will be in a few days time.

I was surprised to see a kite surfer all on his own but he had found enough wind to ride backwards and forwards just offshore.  Hope we will see plenty more in Tampa Bay at the weekend.

If you notice the Sat Nav I is set 12 hours out, I would not want you to think that we were roaming around very early in the morning.  The point of this photo is to show you the screen when we set off to go back to the hotel after parking on a land spit used by fisherman.
 So ........ after driving across the sea I simply turned right onto the highway and drove for 0:34 hours arriving at 6:47 am (pm).
In reality we stopped off tea/supper and were back about 8 pm.  Only been driving around for nearly two weeks 12 hours out, still we are on holiday and we know what the time is.

A place not covered by a G P S.

Thanks to you all for looking.

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. Thanks Mike ... another great post .... a real boost every morning to share your Holiday trip! Smashing post!
    I must admit I am a bit jealous.. I hope I get to go to America one day... it is my dream holiday (sigh)!
    BTW ... Some of my cards and tags MIGHT be going on the TV again soon ... watch this space lol ... Not saying too much on FB ... get told off!! SSHhhh..... know wot I mean 'arry xxx

    1. Glad you enjoy it, long trip today across from Gulfport to Florida, and guess what it's raining.
      Will keep stoom about cards on FB, it's our secret. lol XXXXX

  2. This is such an amazing trip you're both having......
    Shots are so good....I found the Americans to be so
    Pleasant and easy going....Its a wonderful place to go !!
    How are you finding the food ? Maybe we could see some
    of that lovely grub you've been eating...portions are HUGE !!!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Hi Chris, we love em to except on the rare occasion they get it wrong like yesterday with a credit card.
      We find entrees the best way, (starters)as a meal or share, It is a bit of a problem here. The lack of green vegetables we find a problem although we had a meal in a Casino the other day and it was greens all the way.
      Did New Orleans yesterday and I must admit i was a bit concerned but all went off ok and we had a great time. Luv Sue and Me XXXXXXX

  3. A Kite a Real Kite careful mike you might fly yet! LOL

    1. You are full of innuendos, just driven 569 miles and sent a blog every night. No kite for you my man, I was going to bring a few back but you just shot yourself in the foot. lol (thanks for looking though)