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Monday, 29 October 2012

St Augustine Tour and Trick or Treat

Hi folrs,

We have arrived at our final destination and have only 50 miles to the airport to do in the old Taurus, its old now as I have put over a 1,000 miles a week on the clock. Trip up was uneventful and nice at a cruising speed of 70+ to keep up with the others on the road. Motorway speed is now the same as the UK, fast. When we first came to the states it was 55 mph and only 70 on Alligator alley which crosses Florida from east to west.
Booked in to hotel and went into town which we love. more on that later as the blog goes on you will see how nice it is.

First we book the 3 day trolley tour which elevates parking problems, just drive to the depot and leave the car all day. Pick up a trolley and go anywhere in the town, 22 stops, sorted.

Wow, the Hotel swimming pool looks inviting, and blue sky's again, whoopee.

Fist stop the Old Store Museum, full of every conceivable gadget you can imagine.

Inside the store, a magical place.

Penny farthing the wrong way round to help ladies with their long skirts.

Tiffany Coca Cola lampshade.

We walked along the streets on the edge of town people where gathering for a Halloween Tick or Treat event with prizes for the best costumes. This little girl was waiting for the event to start.

This chap worked at Flagler Hospital and was there with his two young children, I gave him a card so that he can look on the blog. Although he was in uniform his children in costume joined in the event, on one of the children's backs was a message saying "Trainee doctor".

This was 2nd place a great set up, he was on stilts.

The family winners, a fantastic set of costumes.

Lastly this dog got in on the act.

Thanks for looking.

Situation tonight 5pm, quite cold and windy but bright blue skies, Sandy 1,000 mikes away but affecting Philadelphia Airport which we are supposed to fly out of Wednesday evening.

nite, nite, Luv  Mike and Sue. XX


  1. Great halloween costumes, might need to borrow a witches broom to fly from America. Sandy still causing havoc along the east coast. safe journey home, miss you both.

    1. Getting very cold here although blue skies, we are now wrapping up with big fleeses.

      Will have to see how it goes tomorrow re flights.

      See you soon, Sue sends her love. Xx

  2. Lovely post Mike... The chappie on stilts is a great picture ... love the doggie too!
    Hope all goes well with your flights ... thinking of you
    Eileen xx

  3. Thanks Eileen, not looking good at the moment, might be here a little longer.Xx

  4. Good luck with the flights, just been looking at the live webcam in time square new york, Streets well washed, but all power and lighting ok. Just got back from Kent after a hectic week. The Town your in looks good well away from those storms, very dry this end. cheers all. Ken

  5. Hi Mike and Sue, You portray a lovely sense of atmosphere, through
    your pictures......We have enjoyed every post and felt that we were there
    with you both !! Keep us updated on your whereabouts and have fun !!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Thanks Chris,
      Just checked the airport site and the flight is still "on time" so we will see tomorrow.
      Thanks for you lovely comments.
      Luv Mike and Sue XX

  6. Hi Ken,
    Glad you had a good time in Kent.
    Not sure of the situation here, will make a call to Jacksonville Airport later and get the lowdown. We fly at 17.00 Florida time tomorrow Wednesday but the problem is we go to Philadelphia's hub then back to the UK. Philly is closed at the moment.
    Could stay here a couple more days but the rental car had to be in Jacksonville tomorrow afternoon.
    Anyway we are only 60 miles from the airport so that's not a problem.
    Blue skies and sunny here but the temperature has dropped quite a bit due to the storm.
    Will see how it pans out.

  7. Ok, mike. Hope all goes to plan. Had a good look at the storm damage in newyork,its unprecedented. it is worst than the ww2 blitz on berlin, just incredible. The size of Europe. Glad your away from it. Good luck Ken.

  8. Ok, mike. Hope all goes to plan. Had a good look at the storm damage in newyork,its unprecedented. it is worst than the ww2 blitz on berlin, just incredible. The size of Europe. Glad your away from it. Good luck Ken.

  9. Looks like it did not put up my comments from last night

    Look out for the grim reaper

    1. Thanks all, at this present time the flights are on time.
      Glad we are away from the chaos and our thoughts go out to the people who lost loved ones.