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Friday, 5 October 2012

Georgia on my Mind!

Hi folks,

well we are here, landed in Jacksonville, Florida at an unearthly hour in the morning after being told that the flights would be cheaper but I would have paid more for a direct one on reflection.
Next day before picking up the car the sat nav packed up and when we picked up the car the usual problem of luggage space reared its ugly head again and we had to change the car and get a new sat nav and that was the morning gone before we even set off.  Sue and I were not at all happy but once we were on the road everything was ok and after a big bust up with the car rental company we drove off in a Ford Taurus for the same price, a result at last.

There she blows with every gadget under the sun except for a sat nav.

First stop was Georgia and the Information Centre on Interstate 75.

Lovely place with loads of places to visit, looks like we need another month on top of this one.

Notice the Churn with Cotton in it.

As we sat outside loads on tiny lizards were hopping about and the temperature was it the 80's

We then found a hotel to sort out the cases before going to dinner.  Looking across the road as the sky started to change colour and we entered the "Ruby Tuesdays" for a rack of Ribs.

There she is with a smile on her face waiting for dinner.

Bar area we looked at whilst eating and my it was great, the food that is and all the troubles of the day faded away. After a couple of beers we made our way back to the hotel very happy that all was sorted out, what a life on the open road, Magic!

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. Sorry to hear about your car troubles but it looks as if things have picked up okay ... Nice motor!!! Great picture of Sue..... Going to settle down each morning with my Coffee and enjoy your Holiday ...
    E xx

    1. Yep, all ok now Eileen and it was worth the hassle.
      Hotels are good and clean and cheap this one about £32 for a large room with twp massive beds so if you fall out you can use the other one hi.
      Loads to see and do. XX

  2. Well it could only happen to you but you said it would before you left.

    Nice picture, keep them coming.

    You cable arrived the day you left, so it is here for your return.

    1. Yep Trev, got to sort out the travel agent on my return but that's for later.

      Thanks tor the cable, I should have bought one for the internet instead of all these codes and things. I am looking at an Ethernet socket as we speak. It's 7am here.

  3. Glad you arrived safely, lovely photos, love the sunset, and Sue you look good after your travels. keep sending the blog.and bring back some yummy cakes.

  4. That looks exactly like the Cheers bar. All it needs is Norm sitting at the end.

  5. That sky looks amazing Mike !
    And Sue looks happy too.......
    Chris and Dave R