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Monday, 1 October 2012

Trip to London, to see Titchmarch

Hi folks,
bet you thought you would not see me for a while. Well today we, that is half the road sneaked off to be in the audience of Alan at the Southbank Studios.

10 am we set off by coach with loads of neighbours on a jolly to London.

Well it was a damp miserable day when we arrived but a few colorful images soon cheered us up.

Raining, I got this across the river.

Was raining quite hard as I popped out on a balcony of the Southbank Centre to get this. These were made out of wood to my surprise.

Colorful leaves just starting to turn.

One guest in the show was Neil Sedaka, got this as he arrived before the show.

Well the last one was a bit sneaky and I got told off but it was worth it. Taken with my Iphone before the start of the show and my telling off. Not too spectacular but at least I got the shot.

Well this is my last blog from the UK but more to follow, thanks for looking.

Nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. Oooo I love Alan Titchmarsh ... you lucky things. Great pictures Mike. What a fabulous wooden structure!
    Getting all excited here about your Trip !
    E xxx

  2. Hi Eileen, yep 24 hrs to go till we set off. Need a couple of days and then hopefully a blog will appear. XXX

  3. Great photos, I'm surprised the sculpture was made of wood, Will you be able to enter America with a criminal record,? don't worry.I don't think the authorities will have had time to send their report of you taking photos inside the studio before you get to America. Have a great time look forward to your Americian blog

  4. Thanks Margaret, bound to get frisked anyway, you take care and enjoy your trip also. xx

  5. Hi Mike, We had a fantastic day out. Looking forward to your adventures in America.
    Have a great time
    Tc Adrianne.

  6. Smashing, glad to have you as one if our followers. You did that comment perfectly. XX

  7. Have a good time Mike and Sue in the States, you certainly get about, The photos look good, not been in London for some time pleasure wise, Have no reason now living in Wales HI. will be in Kent towards end of October for a few days. Best wishes from Ken stuck in my radio workshop with Very heavy Rain, soldering iron keeping me warm. Cheers.

  8. Hi Ken, Yes make the most of it while you can.
    Keep warm up there, love to the rest of the family.
    Mike and Sue

  9. Right we are here..lets see what tomorrow brings.