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Monday, 29 October 2012

Hobe and Lunch at "On the Edge"

Hi folks,

well today was spent in a town called Hobe Sound as we traveled north towards St Augustine, which is our final stop before the Airport and home.  Well that's a long way off, let's tell you about today.

We set off northwards sometimes on the I-95 and other times on the 1, from the 1 the A1A road partly hugs right near the sea.  Our journey tomorrow will use these same three roads, the I-95 for speed and the other two for scenery and sea.

The road leading to Hobe Sound was lined with curious trees which seemed to have their roots growing up the outside of their trunks. 

The sand dunes, grass and sea oats are there to protect the land and as you can see the water was mighty choppy in the wind, do note left edge someone sitting on a beach chair!

The free car park was quite full, a Saturday yes, but a bit blowy. Everybody flocked in to watch Sandy churn up the beach.

Halloween means Pumpkins everywhere and this was one from the bar of "On the Edge" where we had lunch.  I went to get lightweight fleeces from the car whilst our food was being cooked, something which we hadn't expected to do in Florida.  The tail end of Hurricane Sandy has a lot to answer for.

Well let me give you a tour of  "On the Edge", starting from the bottom of picture, we have the ocean, then a wall of stones, the pieces of wood behind this are the legs of the tables which have been upturned for safety.  A nice blue canopy to keep the sun off and then above them all the plastic windows and doors are in place.  Topping it off together with the little seating area next to it is typical roofing made with thatched palm. Now imagine the sun shining, calm waters with birds all around windows open and this would be a tranquil setting, yes.

Final stop tomorrow so we hope the sun starts to shine again.

Thanks for looking,.

nite, nite, Luv Mike and Sue. XXX

ps, arrived safe in St Augustine and a lovely sunny day.


  1. Phew! .. you two are sure getting about! ... Lovely post and interesting pictures once again Mike... Been thinking of you both ... glad you're safe.... that Sandy is one 'mean' lady if you're in the wrong place!
    Eileen xx

  2. Love yer Pumpkin ... Sue!!!!

  3. You are going to regret coming home after this holiday Mike. The old temp is 8.6 and rising. It was when I got up.

    I like the waves in the third one up, not been able to get out with the camera for a while, waiting for you to come home.. LOL

  4. Wow !!! That sea does sure look rough.....
    'Sandy ' is playing havoc....I hear they're evacuating in N.Y. !!!
    So good to know that you are both ok........
    I just knew that the sun would shine for you, Lovin the pumpkin !!!!!!
    Have a safe trip home,
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Thanks for all your concern. We may have a problem with air travel as Philadelphia airport is closed. Will update on FB and here. We might have to stay another week.