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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Nashville and the Clash of the Titans, where are they??

Hi folks,

Today we arrived in Nashville and you will be reading this a day after it happened due to the amount of stories and events we have been to.

Another wonderful city with loads going on, this shot was taken just after we arrived and parked up. We walked across this bridge to a park with nice amenities and sat in the sunshine.

On the other side was a train shunting back and forth collecting wagons. There were no fences and you could touch the train, health and safety where unheard off out here thank goodness.

All of a sudden the town came alive with football fans, well the Pittsburgh fans anyway.  All the bars were soon full to bursting with the sound of laughter and music.

The Honky Tonk was bursting at the seams with Steelers.  Let me explain, there were the Tennessee Titans who came from Nashville, Tennessee and the Pittsburgh Steelers, so called due to the Steel Manufacturing in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I don't know where the Titans name came from.

Fans with their own banner.

See their attire, I love the steel girder going through their hats and the painted faces, they were having loads of fun.

The Steelers, from Pittsburgh where having a great time.

This was the only Titan supported we could find.

Come on, the match will start in two hours.

Dropped into a bar to listen to some live music, the town was alive with it.

This is the bridge that we crossed in the morning to the park, now 7 pm, all lit up and teaming with fans heading for the Stadium.

Well very tired we drove back 22 miles in the dark to the hotel for a well earned cup of tea.

News update:        Titans 26 points        Steelers 23 points        A sad crowd headed back to Pittsburgh.

Thanks for looking, nite nite, Luv Mike XXX


  1. Great post again Mike.... looks like everybody was having fun but with no trouble ....wish our footie crowds were the same ( sigh)!
    E xx

  2. Great stuff Mike !! I'm so enjoying your adventure
    every day.......cheers both,Love the reflection shot !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Just caught up Mike,
    You have some good memories to bring back with you, well done on the night and cave shots