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Friday, 19 October 2012

New Orleans and all that Jazz

Hi folks,

well what a day, thought we could get a tour to New Orleans but they wanted $80 each about £120 for both including tax so we drove there.  Bit of trouble finding a parking space but once parked we got out and walked, and walked and walked.

Beautiful buildings in lovely surroundings plus the music all over the town, wonderful.  Shame the pictures don't convey the atmosphere but here goes.

Here is a typical street corner, all verandas and hanging baskets and plenty of signs of the forthcoming Halloween which America celebrates earlier than the UK.

We came across a group of people having photographs taken for an advert, they did not mind me taking a few myself and we had a chat.

This is Eddie Conrad in one of the tourist information shops, he gave us a map of the town and marked on it the precise position of our car, a very useful thing to know.  He was quite a character,  now in his retirement years busier than ever and so helpful to everyone who went in, he played us a tune and gave us his card.  The card declared "Everybody needs a little Ed" and they sure do.

The steamboat did trips on the Mississippi and was well supported.

Around the town you could have a tour in a horse drawn carriage or a little trailer for two pulled by a bicycle.  We were going to have a tour but never got around to it.

We had lunch listening to the Jazz Cats, very enjoyable and we even bought a CD.

Ian, my son would be proud of what his father had for lunch, Caesar Salad with chicken breast, see it is not all burgers and chips!  It was really very tasty.

This is one of the "Statues" who move when you put money in their tin.

One of the many street performers that we listened to, this man was part of a group who played in Jackson Square, really brilliant.

Ian, my son, would not be so proud of what his father had for dinner, Key Lime Pie.

Could post loads more but to conclude is my favorite bird, the Pelican, every time we go to the States they are always there to greet us. Except the last time as they were nearly wiped out by the oil spill, it was great to see them back in large numbers at Gulfport.

Hi all!

Well, that's it by the time you read this we will be in Florida.

nite nite, Luv Mike XX

Ps, arrived safely in Tampa Bay, with a total of 567 miles traveled today.


  1. Another super post and yummy pictures ... Thanks Mike. I feel worn out with all this driving ... Saw on Trevs blog there was heavy rain... glad you are okay xx.
    So looking forward to the Kites and you are a good boy with the 'Salad'!

    Eileen xxx

    1. Yes the rain was horrendous, I had 4 seconds aprox when I could not see a thing, bit scarey to say the least. The road on the Interstate would not clear the water and it was like going into the sea, I just held on and prayed, super fast wiper were no good. Still someone is looking after us. No more driving for 3 days

  2. Holly wants to know if that Pelican tastes like chicken and if it does, can you bring one home for her 'cos she fancies a Pelican salad?

    1. Probably but if is was allowed to bring one home he would eat you for breakfast. I have a photo of one with a large fish as big as you in his bill.

  3. Another great blog,all that driving you both will need a holiday when you get home, glad to hear you had a healthy meal, need to keep up your strenght so you are allowed key lime pie.the pelicans look healthy. perhaps you should stick to fish.

    1. The only trouble with the states is getting vegetables. love the driving, that's one of the pluses of a holiday like this. Except for yesterday,see the comment to Eileen above.
      Yes love the pellies they are the only bird you can actually stroke, apart from Trevs Jimbo of course. (he's a budgie)

  4. Fabulous pics Mike......And the food looked delicious !
    How many miles have you clocked up so far ????
    Each place you visit has its own unique flavour.....Thank you both
    for giving us a taste of the 'True America' !!!!
    Take care
    Chris and Dave R

    1. about 3,400 but will drop now as we will now stay in Florida. Luv xxx

  5. Ps, I was going to clean the car after the mud around the cotton fields but no need now. xx

  6. I missed yesterdays as I think I am getting one day behind. It was a great blog.

    This one catches me up. The first picture reminds me of Live and let die in the James Bond movie.

    The Pelican is the best of course and reminds me of our trip to Capstone Park with the Geese.

    You be careful driving on the wrong side of the road.

    Have fun

  7. Me driving in the "right" side on the road,

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  9. A wonderful bird is the Pelican his beak can hold more than his belly can!

    Forgot to say yesterday here's what you missed

  10. Yep I went on Kevin's blog yesterday.