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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Kites Galore !!

Hi folks,

1st day of the main event, but before that we will take you back to the party the night before.

We were blessed with a wonderful sunset.

Robert and Kat assembling a new light wind kite, to fly in the evening.

Kat showing off their new design.

new kite in the night sky.

well it's morning, let the fun being.

Bens' room with fabulous Rev in his window.

Stall selling a variety of kites

Kelly and Jay flying together.

Kite Association banners

Yes that's me on the flying field.

Janet at Thunderbird reception with a kite behind her.

The team flying Revolutions.

We have these in the UK

Well out to have another fly.

Thanks for looking.

nite, nite, luv Mike and Sue. XXX


  1. Morning Mike and Sue... Super start to my day.... Your blog to read, wonderful pictures to look at, full of people having a good time.... colourful Kites... golden sands..... relaxed and sipping my first coffee... Ahh happy start to my Sunday xx Cheers Mike.

    BTW 22nd October... Daisy and Holly will be Three! Birthday portrait will appear on their Blog!lol xxxxx

    1. Thanks for your support Eileen,looking forward to the portrait.
      Loads of laughter and joy and a fantastic place to fly.
      So warm that at midday I am doing the blog in our air conditioned room with a beer. xxxx

  2. Do I spy a KKF flowtail?? great photos Mike looks warmer and windier than Brogadle was on Saturday!

    1. Yes you did, I asked the owner where to get one and we are chasing a possibility up. Thanks for the nice comment. BTW the Saturday night auction raised over $5,000 for the local Cancer charity which was amazing.

    2. Did you spy Robert Brassingdale?

  3. Can't find words to express the sunset. only beautiful, which doesn't do it justice. Mike you must be in your glory with all thoses magnificent kites. glad you are both having a wonderful time.

    1. Hi Margaret, will try a Panorama shot tonight and yes the sunsets are magical.We move on Monday as it it the last day of the event.
      hope all is ok at home.xx

  4. Fabulous sunset.......Boy oh boy you're both going to enjoy Florida,
    Will there be more kites ? ....just luv em !! I suppose you've got another
    couple of weeks away yet.......Have fun,
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Hi Chris,only 10 days left, its been great having a rest but we are itching to get back on the road again, thanks for your lovely comments. Luv Mike and Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Love the sunset Mike

    Those kites look big but you are having a great time