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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sunken Gardens of St Petersberg

Hi folks,

We have stayed put for a couple of days and by the time you read this we will be quite a long way south in Florida, we plan Alligator Alley and then up the east coast to St Augustine before coming home from Jacksonville.

Well back to today, well yesterday, we went to The Sunken Gardens near St Petersburg.  So here is part of the day, it would be impossible to show everything, perhaps I can show some more on our return.

We had a job trying to find this place even with the size of the sign we still had a job to find but that's another story.

The gardens were well worth the visit, only $6 between us as we had a coupon so Sue got in free. here is a taste .......................

Sue under a massive plant, see how tall it is or she is shrinking.

Thought this was a bottle brush plant but this one has berries

These tree roots are strange

Lastly a water lily

Right hope you enjoyed our trip around the gardens and thanks for dropping by.

nite, nite, Luv Mike and Sue XXX


  1. Really enjoyed this post Mike. Massive trees and a tiny Sue! You are doing so much ... you will be worn out by the time you arrive home! . Glad you are touring tho, cos it's great pictures for us to see ! Update on Holly(she does eat some disgusting stuff) she's back to normal and eating her meals, plus anyone else's that she can lol
    Eileen x

  2. BTW .... the water-lilies in our pond look like the one shown here ..... NOT! xx

    1. You are lucky, we ain't got a pond. Xx

  3. Not at all like our gardens the 'bottlebrush berry'plant !
    Sue looks like she's in 'Land of the giants' !!!!
    Am so enjoying your trip,
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Thanks Chris, we are in Fort Lauderdale and it,s been raining all day
      Was going on one of those swamp boats but the weather has put pay to that.xx

  4. He's got a load of work lined up on his return Eileen I have made sure of that....Hee he.

    Nice gardens Mike and it is nice to see one of Sue.

    Did that root have a bit part in "the day of the Triffid" it looks like it has crawled out of the ground.

  5. Stop winding me up you old goat.

    Seen another root like that so they are common over here.