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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Georgia Historic Village

Hi folks,

Today we left Tifton and set off north on the Interstate 75 stopping at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village in Macon.  The village part is made up of buildings that have been salvaged from other places and rebuilt here in a "setting".

This is "Tift House" the home of Henry Tift and his family who Saw Mills started his empire and the formation of the town of Tifton.

A lovely lady dressed in clothes of the time showed us around the five bedroomed house, no bathroom but back stairs for the servants she was happy for me to take photos as long as I didn't use flash.  All the wood was beautifully carved and I thought the staircase was very unusual.

This furniture was made from Pine with an unusual patterning, thought to be a disease and Henry Tift was so impressed that he saved it all up until there was enough for the build.

No words needed here except that I liked it.

Nice cooker, the pan on the left was empty but was so heavy I could just about lift it, must have had kitchen maids with muscles!  I liked the waffle maker on the right, they are is still part of America and our hotel had one although it is electric.

Well to show I was there, we have me with Ronald in the print shop, lovely chap who showed us around and I gave him a card with my Blog Address so if you are out there Ronald "Hi, thanks for the tour of the Print Shop".

Last for today is the steam train that runs around the site, you can see the crossing and part of the station platform.

Then back to the car and up to Macon for the next hotel.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, Luv, Mike XXX


  1. Thanks Mike ... really enjoyed my 'visit' to this beautiful house. That Pine wall unit/ dresser is fabulous! ... Hello Ronald.. nice to meet you.
    Super pics and post Mike .... carry on that man! (and woman!)
    E xx

  2. The pine furniture looks great, glad I don't have to use that cooker. keep the post coming.

  3. Hi Mike and Sue,
    Enjoying your blog.
    Keep up the good work

  4. Thanks all, been in the air today!!

  5. What a fabulous house Mike......It could do with a few of
    my embroideries on the walls LOL......
    Chris and Dave R