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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Chattanooga and the Trail of Tears.

Hi folks,

After booking into the hotel we went for a drive around to see the area, this is the view down from Ruby Falls towards the town.

 We called into investigate this very large underground waterfall, looks good but we will see how the time goes.

Next we "popped" back into Georgia to top the car up with fuel as we discovered that the tax in Tennessee was an extra 10% and we were only just up the road. 

We then parked in Downtown Chattanooga and found the Tivoli Theatre and surprise, surprise, rows of Boris Bikes.  For those who don't know, London has these bikes and they are nicknamed after the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson!

Close up of frame and name.

Then we went on the walk towards the Tennessee River passing the Aquarium which we hope to visit tomorrow.

Loved this sculpture in the ground showing an eruption.

Then a walk along the river aptly called the Tennessee river.

Then we saw the water gushing out of pipes and had to investigate,

Really scenic area by the river with fountains and waterfalls, we were just in time to see a fisherman making this catch.

Tried to make out the significance of the water jets whilst getting a reflection under the bridge.

At the top of  the bridge area where were these gullies spewing water out  and running down a waterfall.

The water continued it's journey down towards the river first via a gully. Note the tribal symbols on the wall.

Then cascading down at a fast rate until it reached the river.

I have included the plaque for you to read about the reasoning behind the water. "The trail of tears".

After you have read it you will understand the reasoning behind the sculpture

Hope you enjoyed the first visit to Chattanooga.

nite nite, Luv Mike XXX


  1. Brilliant post ... I enjoyed looking at every picture and stayed with some to take every detail in .... I read the wall Plaque with great interest, Mike.
    Keep 'em coming !
    Eileen xx

  2. You are obviously having a wonderful time and the photos are lovely Mike. Keep them coming its as if we are with you both.

  3. Brilliant stuff Mike ! Many years ago, my dear mum would sing
    Chattanooga choo choo, wont you choo choo me home !
    Thank you for reminding seems so long ago now !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  4. There is a cascade like that in London near Broadgate. I'll give you directions at some time.

  5. Thanks all and Gareth, I will see you on a flying field shortly and you can give me directions.