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Monday, 8 October 2012

Atlanta in the Sunshine with a Sad Ending

Hi folks,

Well here we are in Atlanta, Georgia, we arrived and found a hotel.

1996 was when it held the Olympic Games and a wonderful park was built with various sculptures.

Wonderful interior to the CNN building with Studios and bars, offices and food court.

This Hummer was inside the CNN building

Some of the many Sculptures

A strange sight crossing the road, Superman and his Misses, from the camera  angle it looks like he is carrying the rubbish bin.

2,700 walkers took part in a parade to raise money for Downs Syndrome, makes you think how lucky we are.

Sad sight, a baby with Downs being wheeled to the park at the end on the walk.

One of the many tall buildings in the town, love this one as it is round and this evening we were told that there is an observation deck at the top ..... guess where are going tomorrow?

Just a few of the many taken today.

Thanks for looking,

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. Awww Mike ... I am just lovin all this stuff .... great, great pictures and so interesting ..... How sweet is 'Team Peanut' makes you think how lucky we are as you say but I have a friend who has the most adorable granddaughter with Downs ... this little girl is so loved and sooooo loving that she lights up everyone's life that knows her !
    E xxx

  2. beautiful photos, It's great to know that at there are some caring people about. Love Mr and Mrs Superman. and eagerly waiting to see photos from that tall building, knew you wouldn't be able to resist climbing up to take some shots.

  3. At the Atlanta Olympic games they did not release white doves but had hundreds of dove shaped Kites run round the stadium instead.
    Thought you'd like to know that.

    1. Cheers, Stephen, well you learn something new every day.

  4. Catching up

    Love the cars but a bit big for our roads.

    Dan came from Atlanta but lived here.
    You should have ask the guy if you could borrow his printer as it may have worked better that yours and mine.

    I am glad you are enjoying yourselves and I hope that the WX is going to be ok.

    1. Message for Mrs V, your are NOT publishing on the blog, you must be doing something wrong. Getting e-mail notifications but not coming up on the blog. Can you check with Margaret as you should be checking the anonymous box before you publish. Cheers Mike x

  5. Hi Both, I started with the latest post and working backwards !
    Great shots again Mike.......The buildings in the U.S. are so incredible,
    am loving this blog !!
    Chris and Dave R