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Monday, 15 October 2012

Memphis, we are here!

hi folks,

240 miles and we are here and just like Nashville it had it's own vibes and music everywhere.

It is a great city which rocks till 3am and here is the sign to prove it.

Of course here is the king standing proud in the information centre.

Street performers were about doing acrobatics for cash.

Notice the top of the building in Beale Street, the first floor is not there it's just an empty shell.

Next stop was a very bizarre place called the Peabody Hotel which has got a duck, yes you here right a duck as it's emblem. Every morning crowds collect in the lobby at 11am to watch the "march" of these five famous ducks that live in the Penthouse sweet down to the lobby where they stay all day till 5pm when the go back up again. This could only happen in America.

Next on to the local Baseball Stadium.

Balls in a row outside the Stadium.

Motif for the Memphis Grizziley Bears, who not only play Baseball but raise a lot of money for a children's charity but that's another story.

Back on Beale street it was time for lunch in a bar with live music, wonderful.

This last poster I thought was amazing, the brickwork actually shaped itself away from the wall and a dummy bottle is placed in the hand.

By the time you read this we will be on our way south at New Orleans. After that, East to Florida and a party.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, Luv Mike XXX


  1. Fabulous stuff from you once again Mike... So enjoy sitting down with my first coffee of the day and looking at all your adventures. You and Sue are having a ball!! That Hand and bottle poster on the wall is AMAZING! love duck story as well! .. here's tomorrow... safe journey E xx

    1. Hi Eileen, we are just about to go to bed, 11.30pm here, the blog played up earlier lost all the views but it is back now.
      Thanks for your interest, tomorrows blog the very educational so sit up straight and pay attention tomorrow morning. lol...XXX

  2. Fan- bloody- tastic !!! I so feel that I am on this 'trip' with
    you both........ I, like Eileen, am so enjoying your post each day,
    Thank you.......Love a duck !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. What no Kite flying on One World One Sky day Mike I'm disappointed in you!

    1. You will have to wait for next weekend when I attend Tampa Bay Florida Octoberfest in aid of Cancer Research for Children. That is one of the reasons for the trip, Kites galore.
      Also visited St Judes in Memphis, what a wonderful place, very heart wrenching. Will put up a blog of it when I get home.

  4. You are wearing your camera out so save it for the kites

    I loved the street entertainers

    Look out for the duck don't trip over

    1. Hi Trev, yes not bad for a camera the is bad on action shots.

      Re wearing the camera out, that's what it is for.

      re the Ducks, well that's America

      GH3 on order when I get home.

  5. only in America would you see duck like that.don't worry about wearing your camera out you can always buy another one, so keep taking the photos.