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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Hi again folks,

After the cotton we carried on south and stopped at a town on the Mississippi called Vicksburg.

The town was very nice and had lots of churches although we had trouble seeing them from the inside as all were closed on a Monday, strange.
Lots of you would have heard of the trouble this river had with flooding, well they built levies to protect the town if the waters rose too high.  They are massive as you can see.

On Levee Street is the closable entrance to the river with only a puddle from the previous days rain to show for it.  Artist, Robert Dafford has painted 32 murals depicting Vicksburg history, I photographed them all but just a sample here.

This seemed appropriated after the last blog, silly electric cables got in the shot but "magic Sue" will get them out when we return home.

Had to have a shot of a Paddle Steamer, so here she is hidden away behind the levies.

Bridges, across the mighty Mississippi,  there are two bridges, the one behind is a road bridge, the one in front carries railway stock and is closed to cars as it is not wide enough.  Under is a tug pushing a massive load of cargo up the river. Of course there has to be the proud flag flying from the middle of the bridge

We left town to find this colourful building which was in the guide book, it is also an eating house, but we decided to go somewhere else as it was a bit dingy inside but the outside made up for it.

Lastly a night shot, I went out on my own to get this.  Back into the town and down to the river. it is not actually a boat but a Casino, lit up to attract clients to the slot machines. It is on the river but it won't float, only to the bottom.

Well a very tired Michael is off to bed, thanks for looking and welcome to my American followers.

nite nite, Luv Mike XXX


  1. More 'spangley' pictures Mike ... I'm really enjoying my American Tour... super Art work ... shame about the power cables ... When sue has 'sorted' them maybe you can repost the pictures?
    Carry on that man.... and woman! Exxx

    1. No Peanuts, not allowed, thanks for the lovely comments we are having a GREAT time. Xxxxx

  2. Hi Mike and Sue,Very atmospheric shots with that 'homely ' feel !!
    Keep your strength up and enjoy it .....
    Chris and Dave R
    P.S. I wonder what boiled peanuts taste like ?

    1. Thanks Chris, we will. xxx ps cant eat Peanuts

  3. I'm back, missed your daily blog, but have caught up, now enjoying photos of the massive Mississippi, and your adventures along the way.Did you taste the boiled peanuts?

    1. Glad your are back, another 800 miles tomorrow and we can "chill out" for the remainder of the holiday in Florida. New Orleans today. xx

  4. the paddle steamer shots are the best Mike

  5. I'm told that they don't call them Tugs out there but 'Tow Boats' because a string of barges is called a 'Tow' so the boat handling them whether they push or pull them is called a 'Tow Boat' {Read Clive Custlers 'Flood Tide' if you don't believe me}