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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Eagle and Rainbow Springs

Hi folks,

left Homosassa this morning on our way to the Springs.

Went past this and could not believe my eyes a huge blow up eagle peered down from the side of the highway advertising Eagle Car Dealership.  I did a U-turn and spent a while photographing the eagle, a snow man and Father Christmas, well why not!

One of the waterfalls in Rainbow Springs.  In the 1930's there was a zoo and butterfly attraction but now all that exists of these are some low walls and partial wired enclosures.   It costs money to run these things and the 2 dollar would not sustain these and high prices would deter visitors.

This one is dedicated to poorly Margaret, get well soon.

More decorations being taken down due to it being run by volunteers with little time on their hands.

The State Park is a place to swim, snorkel, fish, canoe, picnic and stroll, I sound like a Tour Guide but a couple of pictures on here don't show all I would like to.  The natural pools are a constant 72 deg F and comes from rain water 700 mile radius, areas are netted off so swimmers and canoeists are keep apart.

Last one in the shop, a rather large Tree probably the last decoration to come down.

Thanks for looking and Happy New Year to you all. Mike and Sue

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  1. Love the tree in the last shot.. so many places to go and see... looks like you and Sue are having a Ball... Oi! I know she is poorly, ( hope you are feeling better Margaret) but where is a flower dedicated fer me!! lol
    Eileen xxx