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Saturday, 26 December 2015

A Special and Different Christmas Day

Hi Folks,

Hope you all had an enjoyable and Happy Christmas, our day started rather strange.....

This was out of the window at 8.30 am and I thought the world was about to end but it was only sea mist across the harbour.

All packed and presents opened we drove to Chiefland a town 40 miles away to our Christmas Dinner, it was after midday but you can see by the car park or car lot most of the locals were at home.  Added to this most businesses in the area were for shut for the day, back to normal tomorrow.

Undeterred and knowing they were open, in we went in and had a lovely meal,  Sue felt a bit out of place in her headgear.  Remember we are in the States and most people were at home, love the sign and the reversed "N".

Even though it was Christmas people were still out and about at the Manatees State Park.  Remember the last time we went it rained so we thought we would return in the sunshine.  It was like an ordinary day except the boat ride was not operating so we got a refund.

We walked down the boardwalk as if it was an ordinary day, such colour everywhere.

The place was absolutely stunning as we soaked up the nature around us and the sunshine, the temperature was about 85 deg F.

There were squirrels, birds and this lone Egret standing on the far bank waiting for a photograph.

Mid afternoon we walked back to the car and decided to return to Cedar Key after a last look at the strange Cypress Knees sprouting up everywhere.

This is the wetland just before our Motel, a beautiful spot on a bridge.

As we drove on I stopped to get this shot of not just one Egret but a family of them.

Back to the Motel and a beer and another go at a sunset, this one had a cloud just before the sun set but afterwards the sky just lit up. We are so lucky to be able to witness this spectacular sight, what a fantastic end to a wonderful day.

Thanks for dropping by, and a Happy Boxing Day to our UK visitors and just another "ordinary day" in the US,.. Mike and Sue


  1. Glad the day turned out well, lovely photos. great sunset, Mrs Egg.

  2. Fantastic shots, Mike... loved this posting.. those Egrets .. JUST fabulous!
    E xxx

  3. Those Egrets where something else, spotted them out the window whilst driving and did a uey.XXX