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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Lights in St Augustine, Part 2 Day 6

Hi folks,
Just a few more of St Augustine and it's light show.

Outside a church just off George street.

 Stained glass window.

One of the many shops in George Street, the heart of the town.

Down by the river, the blue was a horse and cart with sight seers on board, this was an eight second exposure hence the blue and red light trails.

This Restaurant was on the waterfront with amazing decorations.

One of the four Lions protecting the bridge hence it's name, unfortunately it started to rain at this point.

Looking across from our Motel side the buildings looked spectacular.

The two lions on  the Motel side of the bridge.

Lastly in the rain a final light trail across the bridge with it's unique towers.
Since I took these photos the sea mist has come down and stopped me taking anymore. Boy was I lucky I did these yesterday

Thanks for looking, Mike and my trusty companion and helper Sue.


  1. Hi Michael wonderful decorations, Love the way the restaurant is lit up. looks like Christmas.Mrs Egg.

    1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas la la la la la. Thanks Mre Egg we had fun in the wet.

  2. Thanks Bob. Really enjoying the photography but the blog is taking up too much time, I might just post a few pictures instead.

  3. Another fabulous post.... I am loving Christmas light postings and the Americans do decs so well! E xxx

  4. Gorgeous festive lights, lovely photos