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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Manattee, what Manatee?

Hi folks,
today we ventured away from Cedar Keys to visit the First Magnitude Spring and Haven for Wintering Manatees about 30 miles away.

What a fantastic place with it's own swimming area cut off from the Manatees  with a seating area and a cafe. It was very warm and I thought about the mossy spray but as it was we didn't need it.

You will note that the normal sunshine had vanished but undeterred we booked a trip out on the river to see them close at hand. They normally come in shore when it gets cooler but they stayed out as it was so warm.

This is all we saw as I will explain later, they are lovely docile creatures that don't mind humans.

Swimmers in the restricted part of the pool area due to Alligators in the main river

Lots of activity and canoes moving about.

Wildlife all around, this Egret sitting on the bank.

Going down the boardwalk towards the boat was these strange roots sticking skyward.

Closeup of the head of the "root"

Looking down the boardwalk towards the boat.

Then it happened, we looked down river and to our horror came a torrential rain belt and even the swimmers dived for cover. Needless to say we got soaked and the boat trip was cancelled for another day. Very damp we returned to the car and stayed there with the air con and heater at 85f to dry out.

This was what it was like.

Water poured off the end of the building onto a cigarette ash tray.

We left the park and are able to use our tickets at a later date so all was fine. Went into a nearby town and did some retail therapy and had a Chinese meal. Thought this father Christmas was big enough, Sue went in the shop but didn't like anything, whew!!

We shall return and see the Manatees have no fear.
Thanks for looking, Mike and a damp Sue.


  1. The "Roots" that you mention, are called "Cypress Knees" from the Cypress trees. Hey! That rhymes! Sorry that you didn't get to see any of the "sea cows".

    1. We will, going back to the park have no fear.
      Looks like a Chinese for Christmas dinner, better than a burger the other year

  2. Interesting photos again. CERTAINLY a lot to see. Love the idea of a Chinese. Not had one for some time as I am the only one who likes them. So enjoy. Have a christmas chinky on me.

  3. You posted! well done.
    Ill take you up on that offer and send you the bill lol. we love it at Cedar Keys as you can see. Changing hotel rooms today for the rest of the week, hope the wi-fi is as good.
    Thanks for keeping with us Ken your a star.

    1. In the room next door and wi-fi seems fine

  4. Sorry no blog yesterday, the computer didn't want to play ball.

  5. Cor blimey! That rain looked impressive!! Lovely pictures again Mike... giving us a real flavor of the place. I'm enjoying your trip very much.
    I love Chinese food too!
    Shame on Sue for not spending your dosh! lol
    Eileen xxx

  6. I got her a present in Cedar Keys. xxx