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Friday, 18 December 2015

Trip out with James as he unlocks Bulow Plantation Ruins in a Historic State Park, Day 7

Hi folks,
yesterday Sue and I took a trip to this State Park. We met James in the coffee shop called Hi Tulip rather than the common McD he wanted us meet at. Anyway we wont go into my lack of American directions. We arrived at the park and he squirted us with Mossy spray. Sue go bitten badly the other day at the Fort and James that had bought some spray, bless him.

 The Plantation was mainly used to produce sugar which I will go into in more detail when I get home. The use of slaves to work the machinery, but thats another story for later.

Looking across the inlet.

Beautiful foliage adorns the floor.

Looking up in the sky this tree holds a secret in it's branches.

Closeup of the fern on the branches of the tree, it just lays there and when it rains it changes from brown and comes to life as bright green due to the moisture the plant it is called Resurrection Fern. It moves around and when the wind blows it changes location, how unique.

Meanwhile back on the water, boat appears and the chap waves, strange as the park was closed.

Although the Plantation has long gone the beauty of the place shines through the trees.

Sue with James and wait for it a friend / living history interpreter and educational guide next to a Dolphin, (well I think it looks like one) with the Plantation ruins behind.

Had to get this in, our third car in a week, she looked good in the Plantation under the trees.

James under an "Oak" tree that is different than an English one apparently.

Lastly this tree caught my eye, it looks sort of ordinary until, the sun shines

The bark is splitting and curling away from the tree causing the sun to shine through giving the effect of blood running down the trunk.

Close up of the bark to show what happens.

I am looking into the slave side of the plantation and will do a special blog on it when I return home, as it is very special and needs time to research it
Thanks for looking we are now on Amelia Island which has eight flags, that will give me something to get my teeth into.
Right, that's it folks and most of you in the UK are asleep. Mike and Sue 


  1. We haven't been there Michael. Looks interesting.....can't wait for the history!

  2. What a wonderful place, how lucky that James was able to get you and out again. the tree barks are just beautiful the colour red is very strong,make it look like it's on fire. and the Resurrection tree very unusually. The coming home blogs will be something worth waiting for. Mrs Egg.

  3. Thanks both, it was a wonderful place with such sad things going on.
    I might concentrate on images rather than blogs as it is taking up to much time.

  4. Michael, your work is phenomenal. I truly look forward to the expanded versions later! I hope you and Sue are enjoying your trip on this side of the pond! Your friends on this side certainly have enjoyed the time spent with us!

  5. Enjoyed this post Mike .. Looking forward to more details when you get home... Thanks for sharing . I know it takes time but so worth it .... Will Sue get squirted with more mozzie stuff ?

  6. Hi Eileen, yes she already has, we bought a bottle to keep in the glove box. We are heading for the west coast and are staying in a town called Gainsville but the internet is rubbish. at 1.45 in the morning and it is still crap. would not mind if we where in a remote spot.
    Did you see the card in the fish restaurant about Holly and Daisy which had two sharks eating humans at a table and being told, "it don't taste like chicken". we were in hysterics.
    Having a fantastic time, a few minor glitches but thats life.

  7. Another good reflection photo. Lots to choose from for the National.

  8. Another good reflection photo. Lots to choose from for the National.

  9. very interesting blog with stunning photos