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Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Hi folks,

well we are on holiday so it's time to put the brakes on a bit on the run up to Christmas.

First off a lay in, missed the sunrise but never mind. This is a view out of our bedroom window this morning so I just had to get up......................

............. and saunter along to the coffee house for breakfast, look Jordynne it sells doughnuts.

These restaurants are something else.

And another and the choice of sea food is out of this world.

Here she is being chauffeured about bless her. We had the buggy for 24 hours and toured the town with it, very good on gas too.

Up to the State Park, this time to instigate the railway. It is so fascinating I bought a book.

Just to give you an idea of  the accommodation.  The white car is ours parked right outside the Motel which is in the background with our Sue sitting at the table, the open door on the left is the staircase to our room. How neat is that to coin and American phrase. No parking charges either I can leave the car their 24/7. BTW the trolley goes to the left of the door on the pavement. BTW the car is parked around the right way we are in a one way street.

Sue went shopping whilst I stayed with the trolley, I had to get a shot of this, read the sign.

Looking across the bay whilst on a trolley ride.

Ah well time for another beer. The place is so nice, we are using the Motel as a base and going out from there till after Christmas

Thanks for taking part in our American dream, Mike and Sue


  1. Your friend in the waiting could equally hold a sign say waiting for my husband in the .... Kite Shop!!!

  2. Hi Stephen, thats true not got there yet although I bought a reel the other day for a fiver. Trying to meet up with the Tampa Bay group later in the month.

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Lazy Sunday, great to have to on board.

  4. Hi both of you, love the photos. like the idea of the buggy,The resturants look very good I bet the views are stunning. I have made the plants think it's Christmas, I put tinsel around them. I have had to put a stick in the Amerylis the leaves are getting quite tall, nmo flower yet, when it does I will take A photo for you. Mrs Egg..

    1. The whole town is breathtaking, thanks for making the plants feel at home.

  5. Looks like you have chosen a fabulous place to stay ... would love to be there as I'm a HUGE fan of Seafood and I can almost taste the Lobster by just looking at the pictures of the restaurants here Mike ! .
    E xxx

  6. The Shrimp is something to die for. xx