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Saturday, 26 December 2015

And the Surprise Was.....

Hi folks,

yes you guessed it a fantastic light show put on by the friends of Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park  in the Florida State Park and what a wonderful display it was too. Just a few of the ones I took on the night.

Well there you are, they certainly put on a great show.
Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas.
Have a great boxing day, Mike and Sue.


  1. Thank you. Beautiful. Wish I was there.

  2. We are having a fantastic time, so much to see and do. Leaving Cedar Keys tomorrow and going south a bit so got to get the packing done.

  3. very nice seeing the lights Michael yes had a good Christmas Day as was invited to my daughters to spend the day with them and the Grand children very tiring day with a 6 and 2 yr old children not leaving granddad alone I loved it really

  4. Really miss our 7 year old Granddaughter but soon be home to see her again.

  5. spectacular lights show.Glad you enjoyed your Christmas Day. How was your Chinese Christmas dinner. Mrs Egg.

  6. Woohoo... I LOVE the lights and these are spectacular!
    E xx

  7. Thanks Eileen, Im doing and Eileen at 5.15 in the morning. xxx