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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Amelia and the Slowest Wi-Fi in the USA

Hi folks, this is going to be short.
The internet is virtually non existent in Gainsville which is unfortunately where we stopped for the night. Nice town, nice room but rubbish internet.
Yesterday and the night before we stopped on Amelia island in a Motel on the coast above Jacksonville, lots to see and do but I can only show a snapshot due to the poor internet.

This is our hotel for two nights and lovely it was too. Called the Beachside Motel it was actually on the beach in a lovely location as you can see and about a mile from the town which was very handy.

Motel front window in the Christmas spirit.

At the dockside this wonderful window gave a great reflection of the boats which I had to take from the side.

Another Pelican in the dock so friendly you could almost touch him.

Walking down Centre Street we spied this canvas in the window.

below the window was a trough with fish in one side and Terrapins in the other. Very unique as you looked down at them from above. Cool as they say in the US.

This Balloon with this typical slogan that we British love so much.

Nice lamp decorations in the avenue.

Sue spotted the flag on a wooden house.

with its wonderful decorations.

Railings on the entrance to a church.

Gingham Ribbon on the church wreath.

Another church and there were lots of them, this had a single rose left.

Bushes in a courtyard to another church.

Lastly to finally lone Hibiscus.

That as really hard to do and I hope you like it.

See you when the internet improves, Mike and Sue


  1. some really nice photos Michael it what you have to put up with when your on holiday not all places have internet catch you soon mate

  2. Hi Robert, yes I know. America is supposed to be the bees knees. I wii enjoy doing them properly in the winter months back home. Your up late?

  3. Awwww I want that doggie in the window lol ... Great post ..... such style with their decorations .... More please .... shame about the slow wifi
    E xxxx

  4. Hi Michael, just catch this blog, fabulous photos, glad you're having a great time. love the decorations and the rose. Mrs Egg