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Friday, 11 December 2015

Daytona Beach Florida, Day 1

Hi folks,
well we are all settled with our dear friends, Vickie, Pat and their granddaughter Jordynne who is studying photography at college so you can see we both got on very well. After a good nights sleep we went down the road to Daytona beach, well not quite down the road but in American terms it was.

We drove along the beach, yes you heard right  Vehicles still have access to the beach since motor racing trials were started in 1902. And closed to racing in 1958. Fifteen land speed world records were set on the sand.

Lovely sandy beach with Sea Oats grass holding the sand together helping to stop erosion.

The star of the show, these Egrets were so easy to photograph you could touch them almost with the lens.

Pat and Sue.

Jordynne, looking out to sea.

The trio, from left to right, Vickie, Jordynne and Sue.

At the end of the beach is a breakwater that splits fresh water, and fishing boats moor on the right to catch fish that are "shocked but the change in water and are easer to catch.

Pats car on the beach which may close to traffic in the future due to new hotels being built on the seafront and residents wanting a bit of beach for themselves.

Lastly a beach that out of season is so tranquil that even the birds don't mind humans.

Well time for a beer and a relax after a fantastic day with the Biggs family, Love, Mike and Sue.


  1. Well, here we go then.... I've grabbed a coffee and I'm sitting comfortably,now to begin to follow your Christmas trip. Not jealous .. much! Beautiful pictures. I'm amazed at the relaxed and chilled out wildlife! Looks great and I'm sure I can smell the sea!
    Eileen xxx

  2. Love your comment Eileen, it made me laugh. We are so lucky to have Pat and Vickie to be with us as start our trip.
    As usual the blog will depend on wi-fi but I'm sure that won't get in the way. Thanks for the comment as a blogger yourself you know how important they are.
    Love M&S xxx

  3. I agree with Eileen , it's a lovely way to start the day looking at your blog. The beach looks fabulous have you and Sue had a romantic stroll along the seashore. Sue you look really relaxed and happy. I miss you both already. the plants are behaving themselves. Love Mrs Egg.

  4. We actually drove along the seashore, not quite so romantic but I'm getting there.
    Sue is a lot happier now we are here. Glad the plants are behaving themselves, beleve it or not we miss you too. xx

  5. Beautiful pictures, I can see everyone reading this blog wishing they were there.

    1. Cheers Lazy Sunday, absolutely gorgeous weather. sorry.

  6. Wonderful pictures Michael or photos as the pro's say. Looks good. Done a 6 mile walk today.wx been very good. Look forward to the next photos.

  7. looks lovely just a tad Jealous rubbish weather here in the UK not been able to get out with the camera since the Bluewater trip look forward to seeing more photos

  8. Thanks Bob, busy day today, sorry about the weather your end.