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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens

Hi folks,

one from the other week when Sue and I visited the Abbey and took some shots followed by a lovely lunch and a look around Russel Gardens just across the road. Both just down the road from Dover

Like this family just gliding down the river with not a care in the world.

Across the road after lunch into Russell Gardens which is close to the road on the left and although there was a fair amount of traffic it was a tranquil spot.

Looking through the lower arch upstream, even the ducks got a look in.

This is one of Sue's laying on the grass heading back to the Abbey

Pampus grass by the lake. 

Last one of Sue's with this feather floating on the River Dour.

Thanks for looking and give me a couple of days and you should get some totally different pictures.

Mike and Sue, M&S.


  1. Love the swans they are so majestic, great photos of feathers from Sue. good bye for now looking forward to seeing the blog over the next 4 weeks, Mrs Egg.