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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Mote Park, with a New Computer

Hi folks,

trying out a new computer with the blog after a bit of trouble getting used to the operating system I am finally up and crawling, I was going to say running but I am reserving Judgement at this time.
We, that is Sue and I and a couple of good friends went to Mote Park in Maidstone today.

Was a bit grey to say the least and with Garry our friend just having a knee replacement needless to say we didn't get far.

Feeding time was a bit manic with loads of birds fighting for a little bread as it was the winter.

Lastly a female Mallard keeping away from the mad frenzy for a little bread.

Sorry its short will try better on the next one, Mike


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Teresa, still learning the new computer Haven't forgot the weekend. That will follow the next one.

  2. Hi Michael I love the photo of all the seagulls fighting Mrs Egg.

  3. Very nice again Mike. Moat Park looks very calm.

  4. Very nice photos as usual nice to see you cralwing lol with computer looking forward to seeing more

    1. H ha, thanks Bob, I never thought I would change at my time of life but it is now worth it with the many hours of self tuition I am finally getting there. Going to Bluewater on Thursday for more tuition in store.
      I have to say that the advisers in the phone are most helpful and I am talking worldwide tp places like Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Ireland and the list goes on. All for free I might add and there temperament is fantastic when I cock things up.

    2. take your camera as there is usually a couple of herons on the lake and other wildfowl the lights and decorations are supposed to be nice up there struggle with windows lol so I wont be changing anytime soon

  5. Super pictures Mike of a place I know so well... .
    Eileen xx