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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Mote Park on a Grey Day

Hi folks,
slowly getting the hang of the Mac but not being truly used to it. Anyway, upwards and onwards as they say.

Just a few more of the park, shame the weather didn't play ball but this Gull had fun sitting on it. 

It was a bit chilly around the nether regions but being the 1st December we must not grumble. At times the park was noisy as in the last blog whilst they were fighting over the bread and all of a sudden it went quite and you could hear a pin drop.

Looking up the lake with the retired Swan pedal boats tied up for the winter.

All on it's own this Cormorant continued to fish away.

We all then decided to jump in the car and go to the top of the lake, normally we would walk but with Gary's poor knee we drove to the top carpark. As we got out we were greeted by this cheeky chap foraging in the leaves.

There is a lot of building work for retirement homes going on in the top part of the park with a couple of old cottages remaining, these roses still persevered on even after a couple of frosts.

Starting to get dark now and the light was fading but still kept on snapping away even though the iso  on the camera was climbing introducing some noise to the image.

Lastly those plastic swans all forlorn and covered in netting to keep the birds off. The park was getting ready to go to sleep for the winter, a bit sad really and there is usually so much activity going on and children running around laughing.

Hope you all enjoyed our little trip to mote park as much as we did. Mike and Sue 


  1. Hi Michael glad to see you are getting the hang of your new laptop, great photos my favourites are The weeping willow and the squirrel, plus the two roses. Mrs Egg.

  2. Pleased you and yer Apple are getting along better! .... Lovely pictures and that squirrel is sooooooo cute !
    Eileen xx