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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Going to the Dogs, Day 3

Hi again folks,

another glorious day in Florida, Yesterday we all went to the dogs literally. actually Daytona dog track.

We stayed for 5 races and made a $1.50 each couple, not a lot but has a great evening.

Their off!!

The parade before the next race, place your bets.

Their off!

Later in the evening Ted, Sue, Vickie and driver Pat went on a drive around the neighbourhood. tripod at the ready in the trunk of the car awaiting a visit from the local police.

Mickey and Snoopy.

An Egret lurking.

The last one is Vickie and Pat's rear yard with a reflection of the lake, a bit rippley due to the fountain going close by.

Have a good day and hope the pictures get you in the spirit of Christmas.
Mine and Sue


  1. Brilliant posting Mike! Yes, full of Christmas spirit ! love looking at all the decs ... great shots... were you stopped by the Rozzers?
    E xx

  2. Me I thought we would be but all was fine.

  3. Lovely photos, beautiful decorations

  4. Hi Michael, fabulous house decorations, the Americans certainly know how to use Christmas decorations. Didn't know you and Sue were gamblers, never been to a dog race. Lovely to know that you're enjoy your trip. Had a great day in Bruges, and Dave and I are fine. Miss you both, the plants want to say Hi. they are enjoying their stay in Mrs Egg's bathroom.

    1. First time to a dog track. Nice that you had a good day in Bruges and the plants are fine.