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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Eastbourne Weekend with the MCC

Hi folks,
Last weekend we attended a Motor Caravaners Club rally is this lovely seaside town.
We met up outside the venue in a park on Friday in the rain with Marion, John and of course Harry their  dog and had tea in the van whilst waiting to the school to close for the pupils and open for us. We arrived in the dark with the rain poring down and windy. Evening spent on a nice warn school canteen before bedding down for the night.

What a difference a night makes, woke up to glorious sunshine and a blue sky. That's us in the back tucked up in the corner with Johns van in the front.

The school was very large with all the amenities at hand, after coffee we set off by bus to Eastbourne.

Got off the bus at the station and had a look around. I loved the station's architecture.

Into the station for a loo break and got a paper for John, nice interior.

You could see the trains from the concourse, this one set for Brighton.

Then over the road into Wetherspoons for breakfast, this one the London and County was a Lloyds Bank which has been converted into a restaurant but has kept it's character with fixtures and fittings what Wetherspoons are proud to do in all there pubs.

Sue waiting for her meal, we loved the ducting and the bar area with the lights.

In keeping pictures are preserved and shown, this one of the Duke of Devonshire in the corner.

Upstairs the air conditioning pipework theme continues as you can see in the lamp.

Another picture of this important wealthy man man.

Lastly for today in our waitress who was very charming and pleasant. The next blog shows another Wetherspoons in the town with a completely different theme.
Glad you popped it, Mike and Sue


  1. It nice to know that these old building are being preserved, rather than renovated it now looks like a lovely restaurtant, Sue look happy waiting for her meal. Mrs Egg

  2. Oh ... what a fabulous place. So elegant and classy ... bit like all of us ! lol ... nice picture of Sue Eileen xx