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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Boxing Day on the Water

Hi folks,
well today I had a boat trip out at sea whilst our Sue went shopping.

Leaving the harbour.

Looking back on the town,

Stopped by but not allowed to land.

Cormorants all lined up

One in flight.

Brown Pelican aloft.

Mango tree in the water with it's roots exposed.

Light house at the highest point in Florida

We skirted the islands around Cedar Keys and were given a history lesson of the influx of the Spanish and the loss of birds on the island since February last.

 Off North of the islands to find the large White Pelicans.......

And we found them, look in the centre of the picture there is a standard brown against the huge white ones. A wonderful sight.

White Pelicans on a sand bank.

Back to the harbour after a fantastic day out at sea.

Thanks for looking, Mike, Sue stayed ashore..


  1. Great post again, Mike.. why the bird decline? What happened?
    E xxx

    1. Still investigating Eileen so not sure, there is a Nuclear Power station off shore.