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Friday, 25 December 2015

Today Full of Surprises

Hi folks,
well what happened to the day before yesterday?  Basically we ran out of time and the puter decided to run a muck so we went to bed.
Today started quite good, went down hill and came back with a few surprises.

Remember we had a buggy, well a very nice man caller Phil came today to run the hotel whilst Savanah our main landlady had a day off.  Phil was a mind of information and sat down and showed us a few routes around Florida. He also gave us the name of a boat cruise operator and told us to take the buggy, book the trip and use it as long as we wanted. What a kind man, all in all we found the Americans had a heart of gold and would help you if they could  

Off we trundled around in the buggy.  It was a bit slower than our hired one and had big tyres.

Sue and our new house by the water!  Phil's buggy wasn't as environmentally friendly with no solar panel on the roof but hey ho, it hadn't cost us anything.

We took the car to Homosassa and this sort of contraption was on the bar's forecourt.

The Bar had food only for their regulars, a sort of Christmas party so we made do with a drink and wished them a Happy Christmas.

This is what greeted me as I ordered the beers.

So we came outside in the peace and quite to have our drinks.

Along the road was the remains of Yulee Sugar Mills, another interesting bit of bygone history and another history blog to do.

We arrived just as the Museum was closing but the man let us in for a short time and we hope to return later.

As it says on the sign, "Don't Miss ...  Homosassa Springs" and we didn't, I will share what we saw with you all later.

Merry Christmas to you all by the time you read this in the UK we shall just be going to bed.

Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue


  1. Happy Christmas to you both, It makes my day reading your blog, and seeing all the wonderful places you have been visiting. There are some kind people left in thgis world, kind people attract kind people. Mrs Egg.

  2. It makes my day seeing a reply, thanks Margaret. You have a wonderful Christmas, just looked out the window and sea fog has come down. Perfect day for staying in town.

  3. A late Merry Christmas from me ! Hope Santa found you!
    I've also found the American people to be some of the kindest and most generous on the planet. One of my staff, from my pharmacy days, was in the states during the awful days of 9/11... she could not get home as the flights were grounded and she had run out of money.... complete strangers looked after and helped her and her husband... they made some wonderful new friends, during tragic circumstances, that they still keep in touch with today ...

  4. They are fantastic Eileen, remember the blog on training the RAF airmen in the war. We have have loads of friends over here. Loving the trip. Sue sends her apologise re Daisys Diary and the iPad thingy wont work. She will like you catch up. xxx