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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Chill Out Day in Daytona Day 2

Hi again folks,
today is as the post says as we need to relax, regroup and sort out a few things.

Pat and Vickie's back yard, wow what a view.

Christmas decorations in the conservatory.

Flaming Flower?, we are open to suggestions.

This is Ted a Shi Tzu, a lovely dog and enjoys playing with balls up and down the passage way. Ted says hello to Daisy, Holly. Miss April, Miss May Fred and Wilma, the last four are Ferrets who live in Kent in the UK.

Ted relaxing.

This is Ted playing in the park with Anna a Pit Bull on the other side of the fence, they ran so fast I could not get a shot. In the end Ted was exhausted and dropped to the ground.

Our "new car" not picked it up and well what a mess inside, more on that in the next blog.

Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue.

1 comment:

  1. All looking great Mike and Sue... Wish we had a conservatory ( sigh!)
    What a super Little doggie! Hello Ted from all the Ferrets and woofers this end xxx
    Mmmm... be interesting to hear if Santa left you early presents in the car! I think not tho. lol E xxxx