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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Fort Matanzas Day 5

Hi folks.
carrying on from yesterday we crossed the Mantanzas river by boat to visit the fort.

St Augustine had one major problem a fort had to be built at the inlet of the river to act as a second defence against attack from the French and the British and was completed in1740-42. The fort was build on wooden piles and constructed of Coquina a local shellstone, and build to protect the town of St Augustine occupied by the Spanish

One of the four guns which protected the fort, this one is an18 pounder, all could reach the inlet half a mile away.

View from the sentry box looking towards St Augustine 14 miles away.

Inside the living quarters.

View towards the inlet and the Garita (sentry box).

Another view of the cannons from the Observation deck.

Another shot of the interior of the small area which housed up to 50 men at one time. 

Many thanks to "thirty year service" Mike Evans in the center and to our dear friend James and his wife Laura for arranging the trip for us.

Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue


  1. I love the view from the sentry box.

  2. Great photos some of your best in my opinion Charles

  3. Hi Michael, Some more lovely photos of the fort, and lovely view from the sentry box. Tell Sue I said hello. Mrs Egg

  4. Thank you all, we really enjoyed the trip.
    We are moving our base today after a wonderful few days on Dayton and traveling north back to St Augustine and further north.
    Blogs night come a bit patchy due to wi-fi. Sue says hello Margaret and hopes the plants are enjoying themselves. We changed the car to a Nissan Maxima as the other one was passed its sell by date.
    Time to get going, glad you are all enjoying the blog, it makes it so worth while.
    Lots of love to you all
    M&S xx

  5. Hi ya both ... Great day out with stunning shots, Mike. interesting stuff too . I like to take in local history about a place rather than sit on a beach soaking up the sun... Mmmmm .... BUT TBH that would be nice tho!!
    lol Good news about the car xxx

  6. Really interesting post, love the pictures the views are gorgeous