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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

St Augustine Lights, Day 6

Hi folks, thanks for dropping by today we moved on to this wonderful city to explore the Christmas lights.
We after the night before and the rain on the trolleys we set off from our Motel across the Bridge of Lions and walked in to the city. I hope you like them.

Off to bed, Mike and Sue


  1. Oh my word!! Stunning stuff here Mike! I love all the Christmas lights and so wish I could be there ... what a wonderful place !
    Sleep tight .. I'm just cooking the Chicken for the woofers breakfast... Holly is on a diet and not too happy about the smaller size meals!

  2. Thanks Eileen, we are having a ball which is what it is all about, it's a wonderful place and we love going there. The lights just add to it.
    Poor Holly Dog, I know how she feels. xx

  3. Hi Michael, you have chosen some spectacular photos, the Christmas lights are wonderful, it's difficult to chose the best one Love to Sue. Mrs Egg

  4. Thanks Margaret, I have part two as well.

  5. Thanks Bob, it sure is fun when you get a great location as you well know.
    Did some light trails on part two as was fine until the rain

  6. The lights are absolutely beautiful. X

  7. Thanks Linda, welcome aboard. Hope you are ok, Sue and I send our love.X

  8. lovely photos of the beautiful lights