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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Mermaids and a Sunset

hi folks,
yet another busy day, this time we headed south to Weeki Wachee, yes you heard right another state park south of the motel on route 19.

See I was right, this park holds a secret band of mermaids as I will show in a while.

Outside is this exquisite statue high above the park.

We were lucky to get a front seat for the show and waited in anticipation for it to start.

Well what a show with a story line with a prince, a frog and a wicked witch.

The girls did very well swimming without air and using a tube as you can see in some of the pictures.

Then the couple came onto the stage in front to dance.

And so did the wicked witch, through a port hole above the tank, quite spectacular.

Back in the tank, you can see the girl holding the air pipe.

The whole show was a job to photograph and you could not use flash and there was some distortion from the glass and the weather played it's part as the natural light from above kept altering with the clouds going over.

Back on the road and a stop for a snack and a polo shirt from this steak house.

Finally the last shot of the day from Bayport as the sun went down.

Nite nite, Mike and Sue.


  1. Hi Michael, still feeling poorly, I have just got up, this blog made it worthwhile, it's the best blog ever, how those girls stayed under water just using the freeline air tube was a mazing. Hope to see you tomorrow. Mrs Egg.

  2. Thank you for finding all of these fun things for us to do throughout the year! You are an astounding travel agent!!
    Missing you!

  3. Missing you too, don't think much of Ocala, to busy for us Brits.
    Going to a Drag museum in the morning on the way to you. Drag as in vehicle not men dressed up.

  4. Oh wow Mike.. what a stunning post! You did very well with the pictures of those Mermaids! .. they must have brilliant lungs!! Another corker of a post ... Ta xxxxx