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Monday, 21 December 2015

Cedar Key, on the West Coast

Hi everyone,

Still in Florida but on the other side, we left Gainesville and travelled across country to this costal town advised by the lady sitting next to Sue on the plane coming over. On arrival it looked like we were down the Keys a wonderful town full of colour.

As well as all the colourful bars and shops there are fishing jetties, boats and wildlife.

Including one of my favourites pelicans this one was having a bit of a wash and brush up.

I haven't looked into which tree this is but the very autumn leaves and seed balls caught my eye.

Cedar Key is noted for having both sun rises and sun sets visible, here to start with is the moon shining in daytime

This sunset I captured by the side of our Motel at about 5-15 pm, sunrise is due at 7-20 am, we shall wait to see if it rises with or without me.

Thanks for joining us on a journey around Florida, Mike and Sue


  1. Hi Michael, It looks absolutely wonderful, so clean and so colourful, lovely sunset, hope you are able to get up early enough to see the sunrise. Mrs Egg.

  2. Thanks both, it is so nice that we have decided to spend Christmas here, you will see the Motel in the next blog.

  3. Just playing catch up.. feet up with a cuppa and relaxing with your beautiful pictures ( bliss) after a hectic but fun filled Christmas with Martin and family ! ... the noise!!! lol lol
    Super place Mike!
    E xx

  4. Glad you like it and good show on Christmas, only noise here is the Harley'